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RP: ANOTHER Falling Out with BOTH My Mother and My Sister Jane / NEWS of Mitch Bossanna??? / Alex Guevara of Wilmington FARTS OUT:

RE-PRINTED from here

Whilest waiting for my soliciting Tennessee Gentleman, semi-ordained to the Christian Ministry to send me face and dork pictures (see beginning with the third paragraph down, here:, I was REMINDED that Patrick Lee Stansbury of here: and, is ALSO an "ersatzly-ordained minister", Patrick of the House of Prayer -- and MORE CLEAR that to worship JESUS is to have sensual sex as Patrick "Christian", the Minister of Jesus, decides what he prefers:

Patrick Stansbury from his LINKED-IN profile.

Now, I don't remember the precise order everything has happened in since I blogged earlier today, but Bob Jones was QUITE QUICK in replying to my last emailed blog-posting:

Bob: Thanks so much for being perhaps my MOST LOYAL READER!!! 

And thanks for the clarification that YOU worked first there too -- but we must not have worked there at the same time. The Charcoal Brickett was a Country and Western JUKE-JOINT back then, too. That is what Tennessee Williams called such places in his plays.

NOW, after sending "ClergyMan" a request for a face and equipment photo (two, separately -- I'd like to post his FACE on blog. I've shown ENOUGH sexual equipment the last half year, already -- HA!!!), it's been four hours and he hasn't opened my message yet -- BUT I found another solicitation that I SHOULD have gotten nine days ago, but only showed up AFTER I replied to the guy as nuts as Patrick Stansbury and Lee Gosney (Lee was a TOTAL best friend with my father for many years -- helping PROVE my parents were TOP DRUG MAFIA for the Catholic Church).

Anyway, this John might actually be a possibility -- and for twenty years, 1990 - 2010, I mostly dated guys on the West Coast -- Los Angeles to Seattle. Later used all the miles to go to Florence, Italy twice, and from Puerto Vallarta to NYC for Mark Beard's Christmas Party 2012.

ADDED: And actually, I got "voluntary bump" coupons from Delta Airlines THREE TIMES from the six one-way flights I took between Atlanta and Puerto Vallarta before moving there the first time -- in early 2010. MOST of those I used for the last two trips, I having gotten coupons for flights I had used coupons to buy -- it was like CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY, and I never had to wait for an alt flight longer than a couple of hours.

$800.00 in Delta Flight-Dollars -- each time!!!

Here is link to my Letter I sent Delta in appreciation (coupled with one I sent to American Express CONDEMNING THEM), and Delta DID write back, claiming they were glad they could help ME save my own life (when they had saved mine)

Here is "John's" photo and description:

Age 52
Height 6'1" ft
  (185 cm)
Weight 181 lb
  (82 kg)
Sexually is versatile
City Los Angelos
appx. distance 2293 miles
Zip / postal 90021
State California
Country United States
Seeking a date
a relationship
Prefer men aged from 35 to 90

Profile text:

My desire is to meet a Handsome, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive single man who wants a partner. My interpretation of a partner is one to whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping, and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

I enjoy antiquing, camping, dinning out, listening to music, shopping, amusement parks, art galleries, beach, comedy clubs, concerts, live theater, movies, museums, opera, parks, restaurants, shopping malls, and sporting events. My favorite sporting events include baseball, softball, bowling, golf, hiking and walking. 

I'm a sergeant in the army, retiring and wanna get to meet someone nice soon to spend the rest of my life with -- that is why I find myself on here.

* * *

Wish me LUCK!!!


From: Bob Jones 
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2018 11:38 AM
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: RE: HAD TO include Lee Gosney who delivered Patrick Lee Stansbury's HARD DRUGS to Wilmington Politicians and Christian Clergy for SO MANY YEARS!!! Let's see what he "replies to all", THIS time, no???

If it was the Charcoal Brickett (sp?), that was where I got my first job as well. It currently is a Country Western Night Club.

And at 2:08 PM -- immediately after I called my sister Jane and my mother, which I'll address in a minute -- I got this text from Alex Guevara on Red Cross Street here in Wilmington:

Alextwo winters ago.

"Hey Scott. I get lots of spam calls. Didn't check my phone until today."

WHAT kind of message is THAT???

So I called him right back, he didn't answer, and I left a message: "Alex, call me if you want to discuss something, and I have NO IDEA what this is about. I get SPAM CALLS twice per day on average." 

I also told him that when I called him and left message to call yesterday morning, I was actually right at the convenience stores all near the Police Station on Bess Street, which previously was the EASIEST place in town to pick up some hydroponic oregano -- but EVERYONE refused to talk with me -- claiming they heard I was a COP -- LOL!!!"

I had hoped Alex could help me find some -- since he's proven he knows every drug dealer in that part of town. And I never DID find any, even looking more south. So NOW I am a couple of days without my doctor-ordered medicine for STRESSand perhaps it has begun to show.
“Nothing is lost . . . Everything is transformed.” 

― Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

Image may contain: 2 people

Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, as BEAUTY (2009)

Mom as BEAST (2008)

I'm not going to get into the details about what I discussed with first, my sister Jane, then right after that, with Mom -- my sister Julie was down from Pennsylvania with Mom, but I did not speak with Julie. Suffice it to say that Jane did NOT like that I called our mother one of the BIGGEST CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS and SLAVE to the Roman Catholic Popes, Mom -- like Jane, said, "We're NOT going to discuss THAT!!!" when I mentioned what GOOD BUDDIES Lee Gosney and Dad were -- INTENSELY, while I was in Dekalb County Jail for so long in 1990, and continuing while Dad lived with me in Stone Mountain -- and LONGER!!!

So I "BLESSED BOTH OF THEM OUT" -- SEVERELY -- and JUST LIKE I DID the Costco Demo-Woman, yesterday, 1/3 the way down here, but ONLY told Jane and Mom to use their "Ussy-Pays" (not BOTH lower, female holes).

And then I called my brother Mike in Pennsylvania and told him in a four-minute message what had happened, thanking him for his continuing financial support and for having the SENSE to with my sister-in-law Gail, decide NEVER to raise what became three children ANYTHING LIKE the way Mike and I had been raised.

To the BEST OF THEIR ABILITY, they did NOT, and their children are FAR HEALTHIER (Mentally and Spiritually), than ANYONE in my generation of the immediate family or anyone of our generation descended from my SWASTIKA-LOVING Catholic GrandparentsHenry John Meyer and Gertrude (Hesselbrock) Meyer of S.E. Indiana.

I hope Mike understands me.


>>> THE NEWS OF MITCH BOSSANNA: (local writer Celia Rivenbark UN-FRIENDED Mitch in the last three months since I checked the roster of his FB friends), is that Facebook put up a "Friendship Anniversary" (eight years), of us. I had some things to do, and when I got back to OK IT to put on my thread, SOMEONE had already DONE THAT!!!

Theoretically, only Mitch or I could have done that -- but from EXPERIENCE, I know that HACKERS and the CIA can do ANYTHING, so it could have been them trying to EXCITE ME. That typed, since I've seen NO OBITUARY for the half Italian/Catholic, half Jew from Hampstead, North Carolina . . . 


Pope Francis FAST-TRACKED both John Paul II and Father Junipero Serra to SAINTHOOD!!!


RP: HOLY MOLY, the OWNER of the Big Narco-Trafficking House Next-Door GREETED ME This Morning, I Got a Facebook Celebration of Mitch Bossanna (lost deep in Mexico, now), and an ATTACK by a Friend's HUSBAND on Facebook -- All before 8:00 AM!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Mitch Bossanna in Wilmington, NC in 2012. It was Mitch who sent me the email lists of EVERYONE who had contributed money for Republican Justin LaNasa's 2011 Mayoral Campaign -- as well as everyone who had contributed to the Re-Election Campaign of Democrat Bill Saffo. Mitch was a "Ron Paul Republican".

THAT is how I EXPANDED my email list of those who get every posting of this blog to 1,500 for a year or so!!! Now I have only 230+ on that list.

>>> JUST IN @ 9:27 AM: THIS MAN (who posts no photos of himself or even which TOWN he lives in in Tennessee), sent me a SilverDaddies message that he wants to have SEX!!!:

ClergyMan's profile

Profile ID: 1965481
Height6'0" ft
(183 cm)
Sexually isversatile
oral versatile
CountryUnited States
Seekingsex partner(s)
a date
a relationship
Prefer men aged from 20 to 90

Profile text:

I am a masculine, Southern-gentleman type. Over 7 uncut, thick with lots of skin. Big balls that hang low. Divorced. Kids grown and gone. Ready for Man Sex 24/7-more ways than one. Have not done Everything, BUT have fantasized about It

I am looking for roommates or partners who CANNOT get enough- 1-2 guys but happy with one good guy. Those who started early, and, are Uncut-wanting sex 24/7. I have a great big place for those who want and need a place to re-experience, Be a kid again-fantasies, facts, experienced again. Teacher Master. I was Mentored by an older Conservative Minister when I was younger. Theology and counseling- unofficially ordained and part of His Ministry for 16 years. Trained, Taught, and Experienced as a Top/Feeder/Spiritual.....Most everything done while He was here on earth

Tell me what you want and are looking for. What you are like? HONESTY please. Write. Then Write more. I will answer. 

NOT here for chat, or endless emails. 


When I stepped out to smoke a cig with my coffee first thing this morning, the "Fishwife" who owns the house next-door, was hanging out her back door, calling, "PEEWEE!!!"

In 9th grade, I got my FIRST job at a truck stop on Rt. 100 between Exton and West Chester, PA, as a busboy (I had applied because my friend Bob Jones said he'd gotten a job there, and I THINK after hiring me, they DECLINED to give Bob the promised job -- but he's not STILL MAD at me -- in fact he never acted upset about it AT ALL!!!).

The obese short-order cook, a single mother and devout Catholic, was putting her only son through college by turning tricks with Chester County Law Enforcement Officers -- and everyone knew that. She called me "PeeWee" -- LOL!!!

Today, the woman next door NOTICED that I was watching them, and smiled and waved -- which I returned. THEN, I called to HER PeeWee, a short, slight but HOT black associate with semi-dreads and about 30 years of age, "When I was young, some called me PeeWee, and later, either LURCH or THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT!!!"

And then I decided NOT to tell him what I would like to do with him in private -- it would be RISKYsince I report so much of their illegal activities to Law Enforcement -- and THEN it occurred to me that I should let them know I am more FRIENDLY toward those who like to have sexual fun, and what difference does it make since Law Enforcement from City Cops to County Deputies to even the SPECIAL FBI Task Force PROTECT their super-lucrative Hard-Drug Trafficking.

So STAY TUNED to see how this develops!!!

Republicans consistently get the most money.

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Ann Fray Shiffer What would happen if all lobbies were outlawed?

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Linda LeBoutillier I believe Paul Ryan's wife is a lobbyist for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I would rather see the statistics for the drug and insurance companies. Going back to the NRA, they contributed to Trumpbut Trump didn't need the moneyIf you are against guns, you just are.

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Scott Kenan For once, I'm keeping my fingers still. I'm too happy from having a lot of victories through my political blog -- concentrated, the last few weeks!!!

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Linda LeBoutillier numbnuts like you should STFU By the way this is Linda's husband

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Scott Kenan Well, by MY calculation, Linda LeBoutillier's HUSBAND posted this about 5:30 AM in this Eastern Time Zone that we share. It seems to me that he is directing his comment to ME more than Bob Jones, calling me a "numbnuts" (I WISH that were true -- sex is not easy to find when one is BROKE -- except from the "Opioid-pill-popping Cherokee" Chris Millikan, which I freely have documented in my blog -- or other "trash" and/or criminals)So WHAT is Linda's husband so AFRAID will be -- or even HAS BEEN -- revealed??? Linda has apologized to me before for comments her husband made to or about me on Facebook -- while USING Linda's identity. The ONLY OTHER person I know who shares FB passwords with their spouse is Danny Sinatra -- now in California prison for Meth-related offenses, and his wife, Phoebe Dollar occasionally posts things to make it look like Danny has not now been in prison for over two yearsAnd NO OFFENSE to the LeBoutillier Family's accumulated wealth which must be considerable, but my Kenan Family controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of, etc., and put Donald Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY and worship Catholic Swastikas and Protestant Klan Robes. Interesting too, is that Phoebe has made Danny look like he TOO is a HUGE supporter of Donald TrumpAnd Danny's mother, Patricia Sinatra, runs Sinatra Enterprises and told me in a three-hour-plus meeting in 2011, how she sold control of Bank of America to my wealthy relatives and now HATES them for turning that Bank NAZI. Anyone following the news knows that Trump/Republicans' TAX BILL benefited BoA several times MORE than it did any other BIG BANK, so the Kenans are PROFITING ENORMOUSLY from having put The Donald into the White House. I wish I could "take that to the Bank" and deposit it. At this moment I have $67.00 to my name, and only $100.00/week spending allowance for the rest of this month. My brother Mike only sent me $200.00 for this month and I won't have enough to buy my AFib meds in another week, so . . . I'll just do without it, like ALL HUMANS lived without it through History (until very recent years).Manage

Scott Kenan
1 hr

In 2007, now Sheriff Ed McMahon was Chief Deputy to Sheriff Sid Causey -- and LOOK who is DEFENDING the CoachBRUCE MASON, who SCREWED ME with my distant wealthy Kenan relatives and Time-Warner/SPECTRUM Cable, when they HIT ME WITH A TRUCK in a crosswalk across from City Hall and the County Court House on 2/13/2017!!!

Bruce Mason was HOT -- before he started F-ing Amanda Mason -- no???

This is the Time-Warner truck that knocked me 12 feet out of a crosswalk in front of the Courthouse and City Hall in broad daylight, driver Rhyss claiming he never SAW ME and never stopped accelerating until he FELT the impact.

As you can see, I buckled the hood all the way back to the windshield, and BROKE the top of the radiator grill. And I had WARNED Mayor Bill Saffo I was on the way to his office on foot to DEMAND he release the full Police Report of Wilmington Police MURDERING my friend Evan Fish -- BECAUSE Evan knew ALL ABOUT Lee Gosney, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville, Georgia supplying HARD DRUGS from Maine to Florida -- but especially in Wilmington!!!

And Bruce Mason -- apparently somehow PAID OFF by the lawyers at -- OWNED by Barbara "Bonnie" B. Weyher and her husband. And Bonnie graduated UNC Chapel Hill in 1973, the same year I graduated Denison. Bonnie is ALSO my Kenan Blood Cousin, as listed in the book The Kenan Family, 1999 updated edition!!!

Bonnie Weyher

Bonnie's firm -- and Bruce Mason said before FIRING ME as his client, that I should get AT LEAST $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 for Pain & Suffering, and the WORST medical problems I had (that Bonnie's Firm REFUSED to consider), had not even yet come in -- FIRST offered me $600.00 total, and claimed that $2,500,00 was the MAXIMUM they were ALLOWED to offer me!!!

Brian M. Williams was Bonnie's subordinate lawyer tasked with DOING THIS DIRTY DEED:

* * *

In a previous statement, Cairney’s attorneyBruce Mason, said, “The allegation against coach Paul Cairney is false. The accusation alleges an incident occurring in 1994. This claim was fully and thoroughly investigated by the New Hanover County Sheriff’s (Office) in 2007.” 

Mason did not return a message Friday evening.

UNCW Chief David Donaldson, New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon joined request
I hope I don't have to list, again, all the ways I am SPIRITUALLY and POLITICALLY connected to Vicente Fox -- we both having CINCINNATI, OHIO ties (and toes)!!!

"When you speak out of the White House this aggressive violent language, when you discriminate, when you’re a racistthat’s what you get," said Vicente ...