Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RP: After Speaking with Probation Officer Mike Martinez about Haston Caulder III -- I THINK a Resolution Has Been Reached!!!

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No, not THIS Mike Martinez, but the one who works with Wilmington Community Corrections.

I realized that I had to either try to FORCE Wilmington Law Enforcement to recognize that Haston Caulder is actually violating his Probation and take him into custody, swear out papers to COMMIT him (the easiest to do), or seek a Restraining Order, hopefully with Ex-Parte.

So I think I will first try simply telling him he has to move out this Friday when his paid rent is used up.

This will ENORMOUSLY disappoint Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of New York City, who can CALL Officer Martinezif Joseph doesn't like what Mike and I thought is best.

ALL agree that Haston cannot live here any longer -- it was just a matter of deciding the BEST WAY to have him leave.



RP: Today, Despite My Hangover (yes, I'm HUMAN -- who KNEW???), I Have to Soon Deal with "Shake" and His Future:

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The FIRST thing I will do after publishing/emailing this, is get my own prescriptions filled, continue to drink water, and after that is accomplished, my head will be clearer and faster, and I will get to it.

Last night at about 9:00, Haston Caulder ("Shake" or "Dapper Dan"), bummed a cigarette, and TOTALLY CHANGED HIS TUNE, admitting he KNOWS he is in good hands with me, and although I can be an ASSHOLE, I'm also a Nice Guy -- and he used his hands and arms to demonstrate that he thinks I'm getting better and better and LESS assholic.

Therefore, whatever happens -- if I'm in agreement with it -- he might get ANGRY at first, but he will come to understand it.

I just had a long discussion of ALL of this with my mother -- especially the weightiness of making decisions that might effect incarceration or commitment -- and she agrees with me, that she's GLAD she isn't needing to try to commit ME, and it is I who am currently in the HOT SEAT of DECISION.

We think we might have to throw a big PARTY before too long to CELEBRATE that despite huge misunderstandings, we have ALL survived and are doing well.

>>> AN EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH JOSEPH FAULK (Testosteroni) THIS MORNING -- he did NOT ask me NOT to publish this one:

Re: Helping Shake (Joseph, please check who is getting copied) 

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
Ccscott scott@scottdavidkenan.com,jkenan02 jkenan02@gmail.com,
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breakingnews breakingnews@starnewsonline.com,
benjamin.r.david benjamin.r.david@nccourts.org,
officeofthechief officeofthechief@wilmingtonnc.gov7

Shake is not working off the books -- he will get a 1099 and owe taxes, which he knows he has to pay but has nothing set aside.

If Shake is still here (not MY decision, given what is going on here with Law Enforcement), I'll give him a free week.

As Gold said this morning: "You are smoking inside because you don't want to have to encounter your roommate when going out to smoke. NO ONE ON EARTH would have a roommate they want to avoid. YOU (she meaning me), think you use reason, and what you need to do is MORE THAN OBVIOUS to any logical person!!!"

You claimed I go back and forth "hot and cold". My understanding changes when I find out new things, and I have bent over backward to keep Shake, so I have given the benefit of the doubt when I can. And then new info comes to light. The lawyer next door has been doing deeper and deeper research on Shake, which I did not think to tell you.

I forgot!!! Our deal is that I listen to you AFTER you get your email connection to new computer to work and you get your refrigerator fixed or changed. Otherwise I cannot believe you are SANE PERSON.

Have you accomplished either???


-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph Faulk 
To: Scott Kenan 
Sent: Tue, Oct 25, 2016 10:42 am
Subject: Helping Shake

Right now I just want to reduce some of the pressure.

Working off the books probably can result in screw-you attitudes from employers in the last week. As I've said in the past, I regard each $1000 from me as covering a month's rent. So advise Shake that he owes nothing on Friday 10/28 but can have money in his pocket , that he need not seek new work until next week, and that Friday November 4 he can pay $125 for the succeeding week's rent.

In his 4 day rest period, he should observe his drug regimen. Irregular observance can mess up the drugs' effectiveness, even provoke extreme (such as suicidal) thoughts. I provided a med-taking sched, so update it with the 5th drug and notate the strength of each in case he sees a doctor other than the prescribing one.

I have a plan to provide Shake with a dvd player and earphones but will end this email now at your request.

(Yeah I expected you would soon have your landlady and neighbors involved)


Scott --

Thanks for your interest in Wilmington Early Vote Event with Bill Clinton. Here are the details again:
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM EDT
Union Station Amphitheatre at CFCC
502 N Front St

Wilmington, North Carolina 28401


Monday, October 24, 2016

RP: A Day of Errands Today Was a Day of APPRECIATION of My Efforts by Wilmington Citizens / Haston Caulder Might Be TOTALLY Melting Down:

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Haston Laverne Caulder looks this "consciousness" tonight -- and MOST nights (and all day if he's not working).

But to begin with, I got a haircut and oil change, which given the lines both places, took all afternoon. THAT gave me the opportunity to talk with a LOT of people, both employees and customers, and given my FAR more relaxed self about it all (and the GROWTH of the impending DOOM for many of the worst Republicans -- and hence my narco-trafficking, White Supremacist wealthy Kenan relatives associated with UNC Chapel Hill -- and my mother).

Progressive and Conservative is NOT the dividing issue -- Wilmingtonians ALL are sick of the Government Sponsored (and/or Protected), Narco-Trafficking -- and they ALL know it is largely via and protected by many of the Christian congregations here. Born-Again "Jesus People" are FED UP with the Christian Drug Mafia, and how it RUINS THEIR REPUTATION AS CHRISTIANS.

And so many of them very seriously THANKED ME for what I am exposing, shaking my hand -- MANY the types that in MY prejudice, I would NEVER have expected them to show me support!!!

I tell them ALL that I am HAPPY TO DO IT -- and best is that I have NO DEPENDENTS, spouse or boyfriend, and I DIVORCED my immediate family, who all REMAIN DIVORCED from me, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM CALLING ME FOR YEARS (+/-).

Therefore I ONLY put my own life and welfare AT RISK.

If my brother or sisters -- or nephews (but not niece who has been too young), gave a DAMN about me, they would at least occasionally call or email me. Not a single one of them has -- except Mom, and I deal with her now because she has LOST ALL HER POWER of lying to Doctors and Law Enforcement -- and in fact the DRUG MAFIA (well documented in this blog), have worked DIRECTLY with my Mom -- she having MANY long phone conversations with several who held me CAPTIVE in Mexico, including Benjamin Shields and his "ObamaHaters2010.com" and related sites as reported on CNN TV, and "Sonny" (Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto).

Just now, I found one of my BEST postings on Ben Shields and OTHERS was REPUBLISHED by another organization here: http://creditreportservice.info/article/845510203/benjamin-shields-self-proclaimed-cia-operative-in-puerto-vallarta-owns-obamahaters-com-and-other-hate-domains/. 

Anyway, Haston claims to have had NOTHING to do with lowering the blind on the front door (same is true of the landlady and maintenance man), and then Haston suggested that Darrell Brutout might have duplicated his keys and has come in and ALSO dropped the Ethernet splitter on the floor.

Darrell is in JAIL, and NO ONE is that stupid, to let themselves in WHILE Haston and I are here, asleep -- and NOT steal any of the easily salable things easy to find!!!

Now, you need to know that Haston claimed that coming home from work today, some guy INTIMIDATED HIM into smoking marijuana, but he didn't smoke that much. That makes NO SENSE to me, and he did NOT seem stoned to me on pot. I really don't believe he's smoked it any other time since he moved in about three months ago. 

I DID learn that the FIFTH prescription drug that Dr. Allen Van Dyke has him on -- the one he carries to work and uses around the clock, is Neurontin, but I have no idea how it is prescribed or how many mgs. his pills are.

And then tonight, he asked me if Darrell Brutout has had any GUN CHARGES against him that have been added (no), and said that he knows where Darrell's gun is buried in another part of town, and that he -- Haston -- REALLY, REALLY, wanted to buy it from Darrell a couple of months before moving in with me -- to SHOOT SOMEONE.

Darrell wouldn't sell it, but with Darrell in JAIL, Haston could now go dig it up.

And then, after telling me that, he told me he can't sleep well (so would take MORE drugs, I assume), since he had a dream about using a gun a few nights ago. And then he would ONLY go on and on about all this GUN STUFF and nothing else.

I TRIED explaining that it was just a DREAM and was NOT real, which he KNEW as soon as he woke up, and if he CAN'T think about anything else he needs PROFESSIONAL HELP, not me. He said I'm his only friend, so I HAVE to listen to him tell this over and over, and I said that as his FRIEND, I would listen to stories of the "girl" (although 43, women are just "girls" to him), whom he can't seem to interest -- or one he thinks is cheating on him, and "normal" problems like that. As a FRIEND I have an obligation to tell him WHEN I think he needs professional help that I am NOT TRAINED to give, nor will I wade in with possible BAD ADVICE.

This really angered him, but I left to get back to my work -- writing -- and he DOES respect that.

More and more Haston is NO LONGER watching movies on TV, but listening to a "Gangsta Rap" station, and so LOUD I've had to close doors between here and his room -- which I NEVER had to do before. He told me the reason he LIKES IT is that they "YELL about girls' pussies" -- and he really likes that. 

nd then just a few minutes ago, he silently delivered the following note to me which I will add here verbatim, errors and all:


I am very sorry that I opened up to U. I didn't think there would be a controversy. It came out wrong and I think I was looking for some support or understanding, maybe a Friend, I don't even have one real friend to turn to, I sorry if I do hurt. I do care very much about People and the world. If you think theres any god out there please ask him to send me a friend. I'm here for you and I will not put my problems on your plate anymore.


And now, at 9:45 PM, he has turned it all OFF and gone to bed, as conscious as a BAD DRUNK -- but on the pills he is prescribed. No emergency at this moment.

It seems to this amateur observer that he might be 'Criminally Insane", but he's gotten SO FIXATED -- especially the last several days -- on these things, that he IS (when sober or near it), a DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS.

Tomorrow, I'll see about getting him COMMITTED FOR OBSERVATION, first discussing it with his Probation Officer, Mike Martinez.

I also learned that his job's last day is likely to be this Wednesday, and his current employer is STILL SHORTING HIM HOURS, so between the ANNOYANCE and ANGER over his powerlessness over that -- and fact that he'll have to find a NEW JOB -- additional pressures on him CONTINUE TO BUILD.

Really, I NEVER expected him to smoke marijuana -- it is SO the one thing he has always been so proud that he quit.


Late this afternoon, I got a text message on my phone from (910) 816-1613 (which shows to be a number others get harassment calls from).

"Lindsey Moore just recommended you check out your photos on Ever. Link expires tomorrow: http://app,ever.pics/UIdk/b8sMce27Jx"

Time stamp: 10/24/2016, 5:00 PM

1. I did NOT check that link, nor do I CARE what might be there -- not likely pictures, but Computer or Phone Corruption.

2. "Lindsey Moore" is the name of the person also calling himself "Mark Lindsey", who contacted me via www.Silverdaddies.com, claiming to want to date me and even described in detail some sexual things he likes to do.

Mark Lindsey Moore is first reported here (scroll down to the hot naked guy holding a towel strategically)http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2016/10/mike-pence-in-wilmington-update-so-much.html

And then MOREafter he stood me up, but had spent nearly an HOUR with me on the phone -- debriefing me for either the CIA or simply the Christian Drug Mafiahttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2016/10/so-far-today-george-cutter-of-narco.html 

Well, I'm GLAD I sleep well and am smart and alert enough to fear NOTHING unnecessarily -- LOL!!!

Gee, I wonder WHO will get THIS!!!


RP: Whilest Republicans Are WAKING TO REALITY, and Haston Caulder III Faces His Future . . .

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/10/just-like-darrell-brutout-dustin.html

“These young people naturally grow up with ideas different from ours, for they are born for times when we shall no longer be here.” 

― Émile Zola, Work

If I had had this meme half a week ago, I'd have sent it to "Testosteroni", however, yesterday, I had BOTH "Old Testo" and my mother doing BELLY LAUGHS -- HA!!!

I'm still somewhat confused about what Haston is doing with his life. This morning, I found an old Ethernet splitter I'd used in Georgia years ago -- in the center of our laundry floor -- and my box of old cabling and accessories for computers, cable, audio and video had been pulled out and rifled through. Haston has NO REASON to have any use for any of those things at all.

And this morning, I checked the two black boxes in a corner of the downstairs public hall (they've sat there for about four months), and found that one is a wifi router, the other an old Western Digital external hard drive that matches the one I THINK is still stored in my things, but I haven't bothered looking. There was also a detachable and detached power cord -- with the type plug that is compatible with the USA, but different and I've only seen on appliances sold in Mexico, so COULD be an old one of mine.

These things have sat there LONGER than Haston has lived here, so HE had nothing to do with them.

The OTHER odd thing I found is that someone completely lowered the shade on the front outside door. It has NEVER been lowered before, so I suspect it was the CHILDISH behavior of Haston when he got so ANGRY at me for NOT employing his HOMO-WHORE buddy Rob -- sent over by The Anchor Church (on the barge), yesterday.

MORE herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/10/just-like-darrell-brutout-dustin.html 

Woody White (whose name translates in MY mind to "Frisky, Sex-Crazed Caucazoid"), is up for re-election as a Republican member of the New Hanover County Commission.

In an early tabulation, Mr. White had garnered more than HALF the total donations to ALL SIX who are on the ballot for three positions. Democrat Julia Boseman had then gotten the NEXT largest haul of cash. So it was no surprise to see that Woody's TV ad has the HIGHEST production standards by far of ALL local ads I've seen.

The PROBLEM is, that while he is driving around various areas of Wilmington, they all look VERY PROSPEROUS, and instead of mentioning issues that Wilmingtonians are concerned about: Narco-Trafficking, Government Corruption, Education, Safety, Pollution by current industries and those wanting to come in, Woody EMPHASIZES "saving money" and vowing to cut waste.

That's a GOOD THING, but is code for WELCOMING POLLUTING CARBON-BASED energy activities and industries not having to clean up their waste.

And THAT is not even a HUMAN SMILE -- LOL!!!


1. "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Department:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
4 hrs

Sheldon Adelson bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal for $140 million last year.


When Pat McCrory first ran for governor of North Carolina in 2008, he campaigned as an "outsider." 
From public interest and environmental groups, he's earned another labelBig Energy's governor.

Across the country, few politicians — especially at the state level — have been as generously backed and politically intertwined with energy interests as North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.



Buddha was right

Our lives are shaped by our minds. 

We really do become what we think

The good news is that it is never too late to begin carving out a new concept of ourselves if we don’t care for the shape our life is taking — you are a thought sculptor and your creation starts with your next thought

What shall it be? Sharpen your tools and go for it.

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11 hrs

What Moonlight does, ultimately, to great effect, is re-envision manhood as a space where vulnerability and imagination are acceptable.