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RP: Wilmington, NC Water Has Been Deemed UNDRINKABLE -- and Now, CAT URINE SMELL Permeates the City!!! / And MORE NAZI-Christian Humor:

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Cat urine smell has Wilmington residents FRUSTRATED (read: "INFURIATED")

By Adam Wagner GateHouse Media
Posted at 10:57 AM
Updated at 3:13 PM
State launches investigation to track down offensive odor

WILMINGTON -- When the cat urine smell becomes too strong, Nick Zachetti simply sprays Febreze on his pillow and nearly smothers himself.

To BEGIN WITH, thanks to ALL who have been HITTING the last two posts so HEAVILY!!! I DID get both printed and they are in SNAIL MAIL (Tracked Priority), to Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. The FIRST is my original letter to them:

The second,, is this morning's posting of all the MAYHEM that occurred with my NAZI-Catholic mother -- and some DEEP DIRT on Patrick Lee Stansbury, his role as a Pastor of House of Prayer (under the alias of "Patrick Christian"), and what I haven't blogged about for two or three years, is not only did Patrick "stare my crotch down" in 1990 -- when I first met him and in his private office -- but in 2010, Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn, a top sales person, told me not only that I had NO IDEA how big the plan against me was -- that Patrick was working with my parents and siblings to actually KILL ME -- not true of Mike, and Jane was Mind-Controlled into it. Only Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, William Scott Kenan (my parents), and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy (ALL Roman Catholics like Gerry Flynn, whose brother is HIGH in the FBI) -- NOT my brother Michael William Kenan.

Also, Gerry told me that Patrick had gotten her and her husband Joel Miller (they both live on Raleigh Way in Bethlehem, GA), to join NEW LIFE where Patrick had his House of Prayer, but said that when she and Joel EXPLORED what Patrick was doing there, he had OTHER ALIASES impersonation WOMEN -- and picked up MEN whom he met for sex -- LOL!!!

continuing . . . 


RP: Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan Takes Her Roman Catholic Plunge into HELL -- after Hearing I Wrote Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, and CONFRONTED HER with Christianity Today's Yesterday Editorial!!!

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Me with Mom, 1.5 years ago -- the last time I saw her in person, and likely the last time I EVER see her alive in person.

>>> ADDED: The emailing of this posting was blocked ONLY to Mayor Bill Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, and Verizon addresses for my sister Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy, and my high school friend Bob Jones.

>>> BUT FIRST: I just got a call from landlady Gold Walker, who told me she had made an ERROR in trying to evict Andre Tyler Breton from my old apartment, and that she would have had to evict ME, because the Magistrate claimed that Tyler had claimed he had paid me rent through all of December. He had not. He paid me for the first two weeks of November, then I gave him enough labor credit for repairing my brakes to take him through three weeks, which ended on December 3.

Tyler had never bothered doing half of what I traded the last two weeks of October for, not bothering to detail the inside of my car or go over the engine and other parts to see what other maintenance I might need.

So NOW, Gold is filling out paperwork, and asked me for his age and cell-phone number -- and said I did NOT need to swear anything out or tell the Magistrate exactly what the rent situation had been. I ASSUMED that meant Tyler would be arrested for Trespass today, but Gold said, "There is NO TELLING when they will bother to do this!!!"

Readers will recall that when I filed the "Communicating Threats" charge against David Alan Young, it took TWO TRIPS to TWO MAGISTRATES to finally get them to file it -- and then I had to BADGER the Sheriff's Department for a week and a half to get him served. In Court, D.A. Ben David had tried to FORCE it to arbitration so that Mr. Young would NEVER be convicted, but I FOILED THAT. 

And in REVENGE, Ben David and his Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo, found -- during lunch break, not to have it earlier proves their desperation -- a WARRANT for my ARREST, Judge R. Russell Davis was so ashamed of what they were doing, he would NOT look me in the face, and Deputies held me in Detention in the Courtroom until they found and printed it, it being a nearly year-old SUMMONS (not warrant), by a criminal that had NEVER been served to me for GOOD REASONS. 

And when that came to trial, Prosecutor Palombo and her male sidekick who had ALSO claimed I would be ARREST THAT DAY were at the LAST MINUTE replaced in their normal Courtroom 317, and Judge Lindsey McKee Luther, took my case FIRST, dismissing it, but also had me guarded by a Deputy the whole time, then escorted by that Deputy OUT of Court. 

Lindsey was WELL AWARE of my publishing this, which implicates her husband, Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther in promoting Christians arming themselves to SHOOT EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH THEM in the name of Jesus Christ their Devil Lord

Additionally, Ben David and Alexandria Palombo REFUSED to discuss ANY STRATEGY for the prosecution of Mr. Young, so I finally DISMISSED that charge, Ben David AGAIN only protecting CRIMINALS and NOT GAY PEOPLE FROM HATE CRIMES!!!

BEST, was after Judge Davis, Prosecutor Palombo, and her young male side-kick had left the Court, quite a few Court people remained (behind the bar), as well as Deputies. One of them said that they all LOVE reading this blog and we all laughed over the entire illegal situation. And then he said, "You keep writing -- and we keep READING -- we LOVE IT!!!"

* * *

Although this is very painful to me, I got over the intensity of the pain several years ago, and have continued to try to have some kind of civil relationship with my mother. This morning, I caught her making her bed, and we discussed that I know too, to a far lesser extent, that as one ages, simple tasks get less easy (Mom sounded nearly out of breath when she answered the phone).

Mom had actually signed up to work as a volunteer to campaign for Robert F. Kennedy's Presidential Campaign -- just before Dad was transferred to Columbus, OH in 1980, to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz, Mom and Dad's TOP ALLY in Ohio, who went on to be John Boehner's top Republican Co-Strategist. I always believed that was to SPY on the RFK campaign -- she had absolutely HATED John F. Kennedy, claiming her co-Catholics ONLY voted for him because of RELIGION.

Also, we had moved to West Chester, PA just about two weeks before Kennedy's assassination, and in Louisville, KY, my parents had associated with the Bingham Family that controlled the Louisville Courier Journal and other media -- ONLY because my father HATED the wealthy Kenans and the abuse he suffered growing up in Wilmington poor. Robert Worth Bingham had MURDERED Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler -- then Bingham, to get the $5,000,000.00 codicil to her will ($96.4 MILLION in 2017 dollars) -- AND my parents got gifts from a Vice President of Pepsi Cola (Kenans having one of the largest blocks of Coca-Cola stock), frequently, 1957 - 1960).

I have ALWAYS BELIEVED -- but have no other evidence to show it -- that my parents were INTIMATELY involved in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy, by order of the Catholic Pope, Mom's connection to the Popes WELL PROVEN, and that part of the reason we moved to Pennsylvania just before it.

So this morning, I also told Mom how I have no idea how I can have a roommate in my new apartment -- because some, not all, of the young women in the apartment upstairs NOT over me, GALLOP on the stairs and clunk around at all hours as if CLOG-DANCING, keeping me awake!!! But that might change, as it turns out that the new tenant beneath them is to move in during the MIDDLE of December, not two weeks ago, as I had understood it, and they will HAVE TO be quieter.

I expect to take a part-time job, which it is not worth trying to find until after 1/1/2018.

And then I told her about what Christianity Today had published right after Judge Roy Moore had LOST, claiming Christians -- having outrageously-immorally supported Judge Roy Moore and President Donald Trump, but CLEARLY abusers of women -- would NEVER AGAIN have any moral authority (they really meaning conservative "born-again" or "Evangelical" Christians), but I ADDED "Roman Catholics as well".

Mom said that COULD NEVER BE TRUE, and that she doesn't BELIEVE they published such a thing, and I REMINDED HER of the SWASTIKAS we had on the dinner plates, and Mom then claimed that was NEVER TRUE, but it is something Mom has NEVER, EVER denied before, although she claimed they were her mother's good china from before Hitler -- but both my aunts, Patricia (Hahn) Meyer, and Jean (Slaughter -- not sure of spelling, but pronounced Slater, from Iowa, and married to Mom's brother Marcellus Bernard Meyer, an attorney who still was getting SUED in the late 1960s by people he had dealt with as an FBI Agent, years before), Meyer told me they NEVER saw them in my grandparents' house when I asked them at Uncle Robert J. Meyer, DDS's funeral.

And Mom had MURDERED Uncle Bob after he allowed his daughter Janet to marry the JEW, Kim Opperman --with double-strength Lithium Carbonate:

Mom's handwritten notes in MY POSSESSION TODAY, showing how to do it -- from 1978, I believe.

The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
It’s not Republicans or Democrats, but Christian witness.


Then Mom HUNG UP ON ME!!!

I will send this section to Robert F. Kennedy Human RightsRob Reiner and David Frum, etc.


Rose Kennedy had Rosemary lobotomized-for-Jesus, and Pope Pius XII made her "Countess of the Roman Catholic Church" -- a title not then bestowed for a few hundred years -- for her and Joe's work to promote Catholic NAZISM.

That is Edwina Williams behind Tennessee's head, with lobotomized Rose sandwiched between her and Tom's second Cousin (whom I knew). "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara, is beside Tennessee -- she having grown up BEST FRIENDS of Frank Hawkins Kenan and James Graham Kenan's Families in Atlanta, learning how to be the MODEL for Babe, the wealthiest woman in the world, in Tenn's play "In Masks Outrageous and Austere".

My own mother used LITHIUM CARBONATE to effectively PARTIALLY Lobotomize me from 1978 - 2009 -- because I would NOT SHUT UP about the Swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings.


This morning, I got a new comment on the following old posting from 2014, that was not good or bad, but just a THANKS for having posted it (which I thought was too late to approve to post, so did not)

And I looked at the SEVEN old comments there -- ALL ABOUT Patrick Lee Stansbury, my former boss 1990 - 2010, who FIRED ME for discovering he distributed all the HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB, and his claims of being a TRUE CHRISTIAN, and that included some back and forth I had had, like this small portion of it:
  1. See this also: I WORKED for Patrick Stansbury for 20 years, and now live in Mexico in political exile due to Patrick and his Republican allies trying to kill, jail, or nut-house commit me because I know how he is in charge of distributing the illegal drugs brought into the USA on Air Force planes, mostly at Maxwell AFB in Alabama, where we (Pentagon Publishing), had three legitimate contracts. I also worked for playwright Tennessee Williams and have MANY interesting contacts. My credentials can be found on my blog, and here is a posting about Patrick Stansbury: . Click the header to take you to the CURRENT posting which I am now in process of writing -- also about Patrick.

    1. New posting today:

  2. Scott Kenan is a child molester hiding from multiple warrants in the United States. He has been sued for Libel for his constant lies . He will soon be arrested in mexico for Slander in Mexico. He thinks that Mexico has the same free speech as the US. He will be tried ,fined and Jailed. Please take any comments from him off of your website.thank you .


    1. Do not post things of which you know nothing about. HoP is under Linden review and that means someone is putting pressure on them,, Hope it is not the US government.
  1. "And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account." --Hebrews 4:13

    "For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light." --Luke 8:17

    "For God will bring every work into judgment,
    Including every secret thing,
    Whether good or evil." --Ecclesiastes 12:14

Read ALL the comments here:

So KNOWING I had Patrick Stansbury's WIFE, Gloria Stansbury's LAND-LINE number, (770) 979-8157, at their Snellville, GA home -- and she is HALF-CHEROKEE (I am 1/16 Cherokee), I called, but had to leave a message -- asking how she and Patrick are doing, and mentioning all my LATEST contact with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Rob Reiner, David Frum, and even Jeane Wolf, the entertainment journalist, but after 3:14 had passed, they CUT THE CONNECTION, and had been listening to me in real time.

Cell phones warn you when time is up -- and physical machines give a BEEP before cutting off at end of recording time -- HA!!!

>>> JUST NOW, I got an email response from Republican US HOUSE REP David Rouzer that was NOTHING BUT CRAP!!!

I'd left him a message last night to a LIVE female who listened to about three minutes of my telling the TRUTH about the Kenans putting Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY and bring back KU KLUX KLAN ROBES -- and get Kenan/Tillerson friend Vladimir Putin's OIL!!!

Also asking David Rouzer to PROTECT Net Neutrality.

He replied about preserving North Carolina Natural Resources -- LOL!!!

Rick Perry with David Rouzer -- and Figure 8 Island is the GATED island where Thomas S. Kenan III, Betty (Price) Kenan, Sterling "Squirty" Kenan, and her daughter Sterling (Kenan) McCracken all have PALATIAL HOMES!!!

Squirty (who likely murdered her very weak husband -- and Tom Kenan's full brother -- Owen Kenan), with daughter Sterling. They all are DEVOUT EPISCOPALIANS.

The condition of American ChristianityTODAY!!!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

RP: Letter to the Board and Trustees of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights:

RE-PRINTED from here

(Click image to ENLARGE.)

Max Burns, Communications Director
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
1300 19th St NW Suite 750 
Washington, DC 20036

December 13, 2017

Dear Mr. Burns,

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I am writing to get back in touch with the Kennedy Family, many of whom I knew when I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams in 1981 and 82. But my first crossing of paths with Kennedys was in 1960, when my mother took me at age nine to hear Sen. John F. Kennedy campaigning for the Presidency in Louisville, KY. At that age, I was well on my way to my adult height of 6’ 11”, so had a good view – and we set the record for length of applause for any JFK speech.

I am also writing to share how I have – completely independently – worked for the same ideals of the Kennedy Family, and achieved much under the most adverse of conditions, including most of five years in Political Exile in Mexico (by help of Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer Col. Dottie Newman, a close friend of mine in Atlanta), but I returned to the USA in June of 2015, and was promptly harassed by agents of my Kenan Family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill, and today control Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, Kenan Advantage Group, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, most Republicans and the “Clinton Democrats”. 

My last date, a year ago, was with a cousin of George Bush, and we were up all night discussing the many Narco-Trafficking and Traitorous Crimes of the Kenan and Bush Families together. I even recently wrote Mitt Romney, and he got his cousin Bill Romney (by legal Homo-Marriage, Bill taking the Romney surname), to stop harassing me after he learned I would NOT date him.

I wrote Patrick F. Kennedy III at his office a few months ago, asking WHY I can’t find any Kennedys who are gay, and got a reply from his 6’ 10” black, gay office worker, who had been Patrick’s roommate in college -- about the Kennedy support for Gay Rights, but my own Kenan Family is FULL of gay men, so that the index in our genealogy has four times as many entries with different surnames, when all things being equal, they would equal the number surnamed Kenan.

Also, while held hostage by Drug Mafia one of the five times I was – in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico area in 2010 – a Canadian Narco-Trafficker/Captor loved reading the Kenan book, and found that the two Psychiatrists most responsible for removing Homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, were blood Kenans, with different surnames.

The most interesting captors I had were two sons of El Chapo Guzman (for five weeks, and they made me sexually service many men in their gang), and, separately, “Fernando Merino”, a fake Mexican name for the only son of Colombia’s top CIA exporter of Cocaine to the USA then, whose Mexican Godfather, “Hector the Engineer”, had planted the booby trap in the Chunnel between England and France so that when the CIA wanted to fake another Terrorist Attack like 9/11, it could be detonated. It was removed when the Chunnel was shut down for a few months in 2010 for “repairs”.

I signed this contract then to be with the CIA for life, but ignored it. It shows Hector’s real name: And I have been debriefed by many top Military Officers of both the USA and Mexico. 

President Vicente Fox worked as an exec of Coca-Cola for my Kenan Family before becoming a Politician, and his Gringo Great-Grandfather was born in Cincinnati, OH like me. I also knew President Salinas’s best friend, Dr. Valdemar Salazar, who introduced me to the Governor of the State of Colima (where I lived a few months in 2010), and agents of the Governor of Nayarit State – who were BIG in Narco-Trafficking with the CIA, Hillary Clinton State Department, Episcopal Church USA, and my Kenan Family – tried to kill me twice in early 2015, so I returned to the USA.

In Atlanta, in 1983 or 84, I had an affair with the Mexican Consul, who went on to become Mexico’s most decorated diplomat to the USA, and got back in touch with him rather recently:

In Colima, in 2012, I actually met George W. Bush's TOP DRUG MONEY LAUNDERER, Martin Lamb, who when he heard I was a North Carolina Kenan, immediately bragged about that, thinking that I, too, had Narco-Dollars for him to launder:

Now, another peculiar connection I have to the Kennedy Family, is that my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now 94 and living in Raleigh, NC, blackmailed my father, William Scott Kenan, into marriage in 1950, to hide her Swastikas behind the iconic Kenan name. As any casual student of American History knows, Rose and Joe Kennedy (getting their orders from the Pope in Rome), with Henry Ford, were the TOP Americans urging FDR to JOIN with Hitler in WWII – this while Prescott Bush was making the Bush Fortune investing heavily in Hitler’s War Machine.

When JFK’s generation flipped to serve Liberty, my mother took their place and got all of her orders from Catholic Popes – especially John Paul II, but as recently as Pope Francis (who now works with Steve Bannon, who took Mom’s place when she retired).

In June of 2011 – just before I was homeless for the second time over my Politics – I met Patricia Sinatra on the banks of the Cape Fear River here in Wilmington, NC, and she told me how Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to pressure friends who then stuffed ballots in Chicago to steal the election from Nixon (GW Bush stole it from Al Gore in 2000, so Karma is now served), as well as how she had engineered selling control of their Bank of America to Kenan-controlled NationsBank – and they NOW hate the Kenans for turning it NAZI.

In January 2015 (in Puerto Vallarta), I met a recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec, who told me how certain of my Kenan Family with Rex Tillerson, the CIA, and the Hillary Clinton State Department put Enrique Pena Nieto into power in Mexico, and he changed their Constitution so Kenans could again get Mexico’s oil – and they split the narco-trafficking to include the Episcopal Church as well. My blog is CHOCK FULL of references to more details, etc.:

And copyright to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, initially scheduled for hard-cover publication by Alyson Books in spring of 2010, was NEVER published by them – nor had they intended to publish it. I did so on Amazon, and then when I met Jamie Lee Sutherland (then an exec with Wells Fargo Advisors Chicago, now with Ameriprise Financial Chicago), he told me how he did $24,000,000.00/month average Narco-Trafficking for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta (the Chicago office was fined $200,000,000.00 in 2010 for laundering Drug Money), and that he had seen both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his Man’s Country Private Gay Baths many times (when Obama was an Illinois State Senator).

When I blogged about these things, Jamie – working with Daliah Saper, a Chicago lawyer, who was also a Talking Head on Fox News, and District Attorney (Dem.), Benjamin R. David of Wilmington, NC, sued me for LIBEL falsely, NEVER legally served me, then convicted me in absentia, summer of 2013, awarding Jamie (and they all knew I was all but homeless), with a HALF MILLION DOLLARS, copyright to my memoir on working for Tennessee Williams, and copyright to every email and blog posting I write until I die – a TRUE NAZI GAG ORDER!!!

Jamie had only asked for $50,000.00, and said he did not CARE about my blogging about his seeing Obama and Emanuel in the gay bathhouse, as that was fairly common knowledge in Chicago, already.

The Judgement:

Both Scott Rudin and the producers of all the Harry Potter films had been looking to buy movie rights – which this made impossible – and John Lahr, whom I had secretly been communicating with while I wrote it, publicly recognized me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams’s life, when I met with him at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival.

I met Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ there too, and he knows ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family’s Narco-Trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain.

The Kenans, with their stooges Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, will be going down rather quickly, now that Judge Roy Moore (another Kenan Family stooge), has lost. And I hope you agree with me, that the Christian support of Moore was grossly immoral, and will leave the Christian Faith UNABLE to claim any moral high-ground again. NOT just the Evangelicals, but the Roman Catholic Church whose Popes have USED so many Kenans and Kennedys to promote the Catholic Swastika.

I am down to less than $500.00 to my name, so cannot live fancy, travel, etc., but I have maximum Social Security for income, and have worked with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University,, this year, and intend to continue – but NO ONE pays me. I’ll get a part-time job after the first of the year.

Please forward this to all your Board and Trustees – or at least the ones you feel will be interested. I DID meet Jean Kennedy Smith years ago (and worked on a project with Patricia Kennedy Lawford for Columbia University on behalf Tennessee, briefly), and George Stevens, SENIOR. Recently, I have communicated with Rob Reiner and David Frum of Committee to Investigate Russia:

Rob’s first cousin Jonathan Reiner made me an “Honorary Jew” in 2010, when I first blogged that my parents were then America’s TOP NAZIS – first told to me by two top Jewish businesspeople I knew in Atlanta in 1990.

Here is my chapter that shows my meeting Jackie Kennedy Onassis at Jean Babette Stein (she recently was forced to jump to her death because of what she knows), and George Plimpton’s Party for Tennessee on January 11, 1982. This account has NONE of the politics, which I have reserved for my blog:

And finally, as a long-time student of Metaphysics, who wanted to become a Jesuit priest in junior high school, I rather agree with your Director Martin Sheen -- who played the lead in the movie of Tennessee Williams’s OWN favorite of his plays, Twelve Blocks on the Camino Real:

Thank you for your attention and your assistance in disseminating this information. My contact info is:

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


WOMEN now in the LEAD!!!


RP: The TRAITOROUS Kenan Family Is the BIGGEST LOSER (as is "Christianity"), by the DEFEAT of Judge Roy Moore!!!

RE-PRINTED from here


Scott Kenan's "Cliff's Notes" on recent personal history: 

Cc: kenan5, jkenan02, duffyjr3, connor.kenan, bojones, scott 

Good Morning "Girlfriend"!!!

New residence is GREAT!!!

My lawyer, Bruce Mason, after ADMITTING that rich Kenans control virtually EVERY Republican and Democrat in NC (confirmed later by two Magistrates I had business with), DUMPED ME, then instead of telling me how to win $20,000.00 - $40,000.00 without him, as promised, literally RAN AWAY down Princess St., yelling, "I have NO CONSCIENCE!!!" -- then the firm that handles most of (the utility's) traffic accidents turned my case over to a lawyer in Raleigh in an ALL WHITE 18-person firm OWNED by a BLOOD KENAN listed in the family genealogy. 

He NEVER contacted my doctors until about three months had passed, LYING about that, then REFUSED to consider the great bulk of my bills from the accident, offered (about half a month's rent), and I forced him up to (four times that), he saying if I didn't take that last offer I would never get anything, so I caved and signed a GAG ORDER, that I am going to soon BREAK, as I was under GREAT PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS caused by him (and others -- and it was Mike and Mom's help -- very small scale, considering what Mom and my sisters caused me to LOSE -- but not Mike -- that "saved me"), easily proven in Court.

I already "owe" HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to a coalition run by the local D.A. Benjamin R. David, Fox News, etc., over the FALSE CONVICTION of me in Chicago of LIBEL (and I was never legally served before being tried in Absentia) -- so what can I be fined if they prosecute for breaking this GAG ORDER??? Nothing THAT BIG -- LOL!!! 

My parents and sisters ACTIVELY helped these people do this to me, and none acknowledge or apologize, they too influenced by Catholic SWASTIKAS like the ones we grew up with in our HOLY CATHOLIC HOME.

Since then, (the utility) was absorbed into (a larger, more powerful utility), and more than TEN of their employees have admitted to me that they know that Christians in Wilmington have been messing with anyone fighting the Christian Drug Mafia here set up by my parents, Fr. Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic (he's retiring in April and FLEEING to Honduras -- as all NAZIS go to Latin America to hide from Justice), Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman, and PPD Pharmaceuticals (first founded here by Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families). (That new utility) is PURGING their work force of "Christians" in Wilmington, so will LIKELY thank me for letting them know about the Kenan Law Firm that SCREWED ME on their behalf.

Yes, a little of your lawyerly advice would help.

What few know is that the defeat of Roy Moore was really the defeat of BOTH sides of my Family. Rich Kenans control Alabama Politics (like they did Selma politics when MLK marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge), and Steve Bannon took my mother's position of America's TOP NAZI, and is very intimately connected to the Roman Curia and Pope Francis -- and HE is going down, too!!!

The Dan Kenan House in Selma, Alabama

I'm convinced that my mother has had a complete change of heart over the last half year. My brother -- raising three adolescents to young adults -- was never really part of my immediate family's Catholic HATE CAMPAIGN to destroy me TOTALLY. Jane suffered brain damage in 1974, and was not capable of fighting Mom's NAZI Mind Control. Julie bought it HOOK, LINE, and SINKER, and her husband is the ONLY ONE in my family that PHYSICALLY LUNGED AT ME to beat me up (he's a fat, ignorant thug), because of my criticizing Republicans. I don't know that I will ever be able to be in the same room with Julie and her husband EVER!!! 

About ten days ago, Julie was still defending Donald Trump!!!

So after many unexpected costs of moving (mostly now all covered), I have LESS than $500.00 left of the settlement and NOTHING else but my S.S. income. I never had a single decent restaurant meal, Christmas treat, NOTHING to celebrate, because I'm FRUGAL. NO ONE has invited me to share Christmas (Mike's father-in-law is as big a racist as Roy Moore, and they all being "Christians", don't want to offend him by my presence -- best I can tell). 

NO COURAGEOUS PEOPLE in my immediate family -- except me.

I spent Thanksgiving with the then not-yet-known major criminal who was my roommate, who is NOW squatting in my old apartment, forcing the landlady to legally evict him, which should be completed by the end of the year. 

MORE when we talk (I declared ABSOLUTE WAR in my blog on the rich Kenans three days ago, and made sure I left the TOP ONE, Thomas S. Kenan III, a voicemail so they all know it). 

I intend to take his position as the official Kenan Historian -- and tell the TRUTH of the Great Things and HIDEOUS CRIMES of the Kenan Family. After the first of the year, I will get a part-time job. I don't need to make much to at least get a Wendy's hamburger now and then, and to RESUME my work with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.

Andre Tyler Breton and I at Thanksgiving. Andre, diagnosed BIPOLAR, and later ADHD, is on ADDERALL, that kicked him into mania and he was hallucinating:

Tyler and I at our Thanksgiving Dinner

Tyler ran around for TWO DAYS with a six-foot piece of metal to defend against men he saw running around on the next-door roofs, and coming through secret passages in the walls and floors of our apartment -- never sleeping -- and his DOCTOR who prescribes the ADDERALL and his Probation Officer REFUSED TO HELP. 

The Magistrate REFUSED to commit him (although Police told me he WAS dangerous and definitely committable by NC Law), then the P.O. refused to help my landlady get him out -- which any P.O. could do with no additional authority.