Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RP: Letter Just Sent to Matt Gunning and Pete Peterson Owners of Manufacturing Methods, LLC in Leland, North Carolina, Which Today Hosts a MIKE PENCE Rally!!!

RE-PRINTED from here:

Manufacturing Methods, LLC

Matthew Gunning and Pete Peterson
Manufacturing Methods, LLC
9244 Industrial Blvd.
Leland, North Carolina, 28451
August 24, 2016

Dear Messrs. Gunning and Peterson:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and while I got the Kenan name and bloodline, I did NOT get the money – but I DID get the information, which is MORE valuable than money, anyway. I’m a published writer who was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, knew the Kennedys (but especially Jackie Kennedy Onassis), was invited to the White House by the Reagans, and recently met Frank Sinatra’s heirs who sold Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives. Currently, I work with Secretary of State Colin Powell’s people, Gen. Russel Honore’, and three ex-Presidents of Mexico to straighten out some Political Problems in both the USA and Mexico. I’m also feeding information to the new FBI Task Force to clean the Heroin out of the Lower Cape Fear – to the extent possible.

First, I salute you in committing yourselves to promoting what you judge to be the best alternative for President in this election, Mike Pence. I’m sure that since you host an event, you are up on the REAL news, and know that some groups are preparing to impeach Donald Trump ASAP if he is elected, and others plan to dump Trump before the election to put Mike Pence on top of the ticket before the election. And you certainly heard Donald Trump claim that if elected he will leave virtually ALL important decisions to Gov. Pence.

As unbelievable as this seems even to me, my parents, William Scott Kenan (deceased since 2014), and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (93 years old and living in Raleigh), were first identified to me as “America’s Top NAZIS” by key Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, where I lived most of my adult life, in 1990, and then when I first blogged about this in 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an “Honorary Jew”. In Tennessee Williams’s last play, he based a tall (I’m 6’ 11”), silent, observing black character on me (I’m mostly a Euro-Mutt, but part Cherokee), so in a sense, I’m as multi-cultural as Our Country.

For at least eight years now, my mother – who raised us with Swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings – has claimed that Mike Pence is the Catholic Popes’ first choice to raise the Swastika above Our Constitution, and Mom is THRILLED about these developments – especially since the Bush/Cheney/Clinton Cartel’s first choice, Hillary Clinton (and her husband), are quickly being exposed as two of our TOP Traitors, and in service to the Bush and Cheney – and Kenan – Families, especially in their Narco-Trafficking operation.

I have no idea if you ever met my parents when they lived in Wilmington 1980 – 1999. They worked with Nixon aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew pretty well), and eventually PPD, to set up Wilmington’s narco-trafficking – and former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby ran it, but mostly through Democrats, since they are in power in Wilmington, and Republicans in power in the County and State. My parents even admitted to me that their St. Mark’s Catholic Duplicate Bridge Club (Father Bob Kus, now of St. Mary’s, was in charge of that then), was VERY active helping to smuggle the money of Whites out of South Africa after Apartheid fell – because, as Mom said, it was ALL so unfair to the Whites.

My father always claimed to be most responsible for putting Sen. Jesse Helms into power – he the most hated Senator in US History, and feared more by his own Republicans than by the Democrats.

And then three years ago when Obama made the deal to reopen Government, I caught Mom on secured comm with Coach Lou Holtz and his co-strategist John Boehner. Lou and Beth Holtz had lived across the street from us in Columbus, Ohio, 1968 – 1970, and were best friends with my parents. For his help with Mom’s Catholic Swastikas, she got him his first Dream Job of coaching at Notre Dame, then not long after Mom got her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, already of South Bend, the position of Official Dentist to the Fighting Irish, Uncle Bob’s daughter Jan married a Jew, and Mom had Bob’s wealth all removed, and forced him into a US Veteran’s Hospital in Lower Mississippi (now closed), and drove their frequently to supervise their murdering him with double strength Lithium Carbonate on a false diagnosis of “Monopolar” (an insult to Reason), that no longer exists, and I still have Mom’s notes on how this leads to “chemically induced Diabetes”, which Uncle Bob slowly and painfully died of.

CNN (which even Democrats admit is the “Clinton News Network” – but lies far less than Fox News), REFUSED to investigate this:

My parents have also LONG been associated with Sean Hannity of Fox News (another well-known closet-case homo – and for the record, I’ve been out gay since 1970).

And in 1990, I had discovered the HUGE narco-trafficking then through Stone Mountain Park near my house in Georgia, and made the error of reporting it to Newt Gingrich’s Congressional Office – he and CNN, as well as the Atlanta Journal Constitution, were all part of it – as Gen. Honore’ can tell you. I have his cell phone number if you would like to check my reference – or locally, Sheriff Ed McMahon probably knows me best. I have met nearly all the local politicians, know which ones have secret boyfriends, and which are DEEP into narco-trafficking – why I was held illegally in jail five times on eight false charges in 2011 – 12, when I tried to return to the US prematurely from the Political Exile Colin Powell’s people helped me to achieve in 2010, when Powell’s people warned me that the CIA and Republican Party planned to murder me, because I know too much about their narco-trafficking, and my parents and siblings were calling Police to commit me, but after five tries in one month, they gave up and decided my murder would be the only way.

In fact, 1990 – 2010, I worked for Patrick Stansbury of, (this site is now hiding from the Public “in change” for four months, due to my blogging about all of this), selling – commission only – the ad space in all the yearbooks for our Service Academies and War Colleges. But Patrick was ALSO distributing all the Heroin and other drugs flown into Maxwell AFB in Alabama (where we had three legitimate advertising sales contracts), from Maine to Florida, and HUGELY through Wilmington, NC!!!

I often saw owner Patrick Stansbury exchanging large packets of cash with now retired Georgia Republican Congressman John Linder in Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, Georgia in the late 1990s – and am EAGER to testify in Court about it. I have STACKS of physical evidence and screen captures to prove my points, much of it published on my blog as well.

In fact, my friend in 2011, Evan Fish, who knew many details of this operation in Wilmington, was FORCED to jump to his death from atop the parking deck by the downtown Library about September 5 of that year – by Wilmington Police Officers – as verified by New Hanover County Deputies, also on the scene. And then the Wilmington Star News covered it up. As you likely know, they had been controlled by The New York Times through much of this, and THEY were controlled by Carlos Salim “Slim” of Mexico – then the wealthiest man in the world (only until Hillary left the State Department!!!), due to narco-trafficking with Bill and Hillary Clinton, but primarily to profit Bush and Cheney.

And I’m sure you know the Republican Party scoured out their last remaining powerful Jew, Eric Cantor, a couple of years ago – a systematic scouring planned by Mom and the Popes, Holz, Gingrich, etc., although ONE Jew has been elected since then, and Gingrich converted to Catholicism, most of the Supreme Court Justices are Catholic (my mother planned all this strategy especially with Pope John Paul II, whom she had at least two one-on-one meetings with in Rome).

Of course Mr. Pence – unlike Trump – is experienced enough and of a temperament to actually serve as President. Hillary is despised by MOST Democrats now (I was at a Democratic party a few days ago and none of them like her, but they, like me, must vote for her over the Catholic Swastikas). It is a pathetic election choice – the Bush/Cheney camp has disavowed Trump, most promising to vote for Hillary, and Democrats now falling apart as quickly as the Republican Party has been doing for a while.

Also, locally, Democrats are also FED UP with Attorney General Roy Cooper – who has ONLY helped the Republican narco-traffickers since taking office in 2002, and is well connected to the biggest Democratic narco-traffickers in Wilmington, which I have blogged about many times. But we must vote for Cooper, as he is better than Gov. McCrory who is sworn in allegiance to the Swastika – which with the Confederate Flag (LOVED by Trump and Pence supporters, no???), is the SYMBOL of today’s Republican Party (and the Clintons, too, for that matter).

And actually the CENTER of all this hatred is my wealthy Kenan relatives centered around Chapel Hill – they controlling Standard Oil cum Exxon-Mobil since 1913, when Henry Flagler left them more stock than J.D. Rockefeller ever owned. They – with White Christian Churches – had caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, and plan to do it again. NO ONE hates God more than White Christians in the Wilmington area – and I’m sure you have noticed that too.

Well, since you have committed yourselves to supporting all of this – and I GRANT you might not have known about ALL of it, you are now on notice that if you CONTINUE supporting Treason, we Patriots might soon enough have you in prison. I am emailing and following up with a paper copy in the mail to you, so that I can prove in Court, if necessary, your actions, that after today’s event, will be TREASONOUS actions, since you now know. I suggest you do your own research to verify my points.

Thank you for reading this, and good luck with your Mike Pence rally!!! I hope it doesn’t turn into a ZOO.

My political blog (over 3,500 postings going back to 2008, nearly 1,000,000 hits mostly the last couple of years, and VERY popular in Wilmington!!!):

All best,

Scott Kenan
Wilmington, NC 28401

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RP: For Tuesday, "Something-or-Other" -- and a SERIOUS DOCUMENT DUMP!!! (Alex Guevara and Pam Sander, Head Editor of the Wilmington Star News):

RE-PRINTED from here

Pam Sanders who CLAIMS to be the Head Editor of the Wilmington Star News CANNOT BE FOUND by googling her name and "Wilmington, North Carolina".

She CANNOT BE FOUND on Linked-In, either, so I have used this generic photo of what Christian men are rewarded by Jesus.

I'm afraid that good Muslims will get this:

1. This morning I got two emails from Julia Boseman's campaign, and have alerted her to some PECULIARITIES, which I trust she can figure out.

2. And BEFORE getting to the Wilmington Star News and their "Phantom Editor-in-Chief", since local Law Enforcement has NEVER responded to evidence and info I have sent them (directly, anyway), there is no point in my sending the mixed bag of facts and ignorant vitriol sent me by Alex Guevara:

Let's begin with his RESUME

Alexander Guevara 
611 Red Cross St. Wilmington, NC 28401 | (910) 236-9772 | | DOB: September 10th, 1990 


Recently accepted to East Carolina University to the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology - Bioprocess Manufacturing program. Program is primarily online. Seeking employment in place of loans. 


· Laboratory-integrated program focused on chemical process engineering 
· Emphasis on industrial hygiene/real-world safety & regulation (OSHA, cGMP, EPA, FDA, etc.) 

· Attended: August - December 2014  
· Coursework on deep space exploration and mars. 

· Attended: spring (Jan.) 2011 – spring (May) 2013 
· Degree never completed 



· Inventory on Cape Fear Community College’s Chemical Technology Laboratory. 
· Created brand-new online database of 500+ chemicals, standards solutions, poisons, dyes, indicators, health hazards, organics, etc. housed in the C.F.C.C. Chemical Technology Laboratory 
· Handled all chemicals and hazardous materials alone and at own discretion. 
· Substances included (as classified by GHS hazard pictograms): Explosives, Flammables, Oxidizers, Gases,  Corrosives, Toxic/Acute,  Irritants, Carcinogens/Health Hazards, and Environmentally Damaging  


· Worked in the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
· Worked under J. Nate Hohman 
· Worked in research related to Nano-science, synthesizing nano-crystals and engineering entire project  

Email recipients can see all of Mr. Guevara's REFERENCES -- they are the LAST five addresses in "To:" in my LAST broadcast email.

Snippets from emails:

1. "Regardless, as my name is Guevara, I was reading a book on Dr. Ernesto Guevara one day. I discovered some pages discussing Guevara Pre-Cuba. Apparently Guevara, and Castro were friends with Nikolai Leonov; they had met while attending the University of Mexico. Leonov would go on to become a high ranking member of the KGB around the same time that Castro/Guevara came into power in Cuba."

2. "If you read into Klaus Fuchs, you will find he was a homosexual. This being the information which struck me as most interesting when reading into Ben David. Now, let up be real, who is born gay? What man scientifically sees breasts, faces, and ass and does not want to fuck a woman? Point being, homosexuality is a long-held spy trait. Spies are gay. The CIA kills spies, and they have in the past. The CIA is always involved. Who was killed recently? A bunch of homosexuals in a nightclub in Florida."

3. "I also suspect Alister Snyder, owner of Detour Deli on Red Cross Street is involved in paying crack heads to cause mayhem among residents. I safely assume these are payments for crack, but also in exchange for Snyder's protection. I have also been senselessly harassed by Jerome Hardy on multiple occasions. After threatening him very violently in public multiple times I never saw him again. I would also like to note I checked his record at the NHC register of deeds. I found Jerome Hardy uses many variations of his name when arrested. He has never used his legal birth name on any arrest records."

4. "The best, most recent evidence I have is:
Sometime in 2014 I was being repeatedly harassed by Carl Steven Holliday of 1123 N. 4th Street. He would grope my buttox, penis, smack me, hit me, and overall harass me daily as I walked between CFCC and my home on Red Cross Street. On one evening, it was business as usual. He was stalking me. He was loitering the businesses between 6th/7th street on Red Cross Street. I made an issue of letting the neighbors know I am going to brutally attack/kill this stalker. The police were called on me.

(Now wouldn't they be FAR better off -- if they just had sex and got ON with their lives???)

Here is the ridiculous part. Since he began harassing me, I conducted my own investigation (via the NHC courthouse clerks office and NHC register of deeds)
I discovered Holliday to have an active warrant. I told the police very clearly: This is my house. He's in front of my house right now. He needs to leave. 

The officer showed minimal interest and Holliday was not arrested that night in spite of his warrant."

5. "Again, I will be very honest. In this state of concern, I have beat Holliday, stomped on on him, strangled him, hit him repeatedly with a brass belt buckle in the head. According to his brother he was hospitalized because of this, this being the reason his brother Charles Holliday stalked me and assaulted me.
Shit starting niggers. FUCK THEM.

Someone needs to fucking kill them."

And the REASON I took so long to write last night, is that I spent over an HOUR looking over things from this link

"You should read the writings of Miles Mathis. You could definitely interpret it better than most:

I found that Miles Mathis is OBSESSED with connecting all powerful people as BLOOD RELATED (likely correctly -- and THAT is interesting), but he's POSSESSED that they are all "partial Jews", and to Mr. Mathis -- like Obama is a Mulato, and if he only had ONE black grandparent he would be a Quadroon. The next most dilute .level is called an Octoroon, or 1/8 black, which in Days of Yore was the FIRST DILUTION that was LEGALLY a White Person in the United States of America -- Jewish ancestry means just a DROP of Jew blood makes one a CRIMINAL!!!

So local Law Enforcement can look into this or NOT, but I will NOT waste my time trying to alert them to the criminals that they ACTUALLY PROTECT!!!


My earlier comments to Scott NunnEditor of Letters to the Editor of the Star News

Democrat, Republican readers voice opinions about political coverage
I don't like to talk politics. As is the case with religion and family, people loyal to a cause or group do not want to hear badmouthing about it. Even if the words are factual.
With the internet at your fingertips all day, finding a "truth" that fits your political faith isn't hard.
Two examples from the past week: 1) A friend showed me an email forwarded to him that claimed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had over the years had people killed, some within her own circle. "See," he said, "she's dangerous. You should put this in the newspaper." 2) A family member showed me a story she found online that revealed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's mob connections, both in the U.S. and in Russia. Like Clinton, Trump had ordered hits on people. "Why don't you write about that in the paper?" she wanted to know.

(Can you believe that the newspaper editor has total SIMPLETON friends -- 1st example. We stick with our own level, and right here she reveals hers -- MERCY!!! She can't help her relatives -- believe me. LOL!!!)
The StarNews is a community newspaper. We pay tens of thousands of dollars monthly for multiple wire services that provide our national and world reports. But we do decide at our afternoon news meeting which of those stories will go on the front page. With each discussion, I try to envision what I'd think of the story as a Republican and what I'd think of it as a Democrat. No matter the story, if one side thinks we've gone too far and the other thinks we've not gone far enough, I know we've probably landed in the middle.
(So if you think AVERAGING an audience LOADED with God-Hating Christian Drug Mafia and White Supremacists is "FAIR", then you are like Fox News and CNN and think that "My fantasies equal your FACTS!!!" -- or Vice-Versa)
The front page headline following the first day of the Republican National Convention ("GOP: Trump Is Our Savior") may not have met that standard. Local Republicans thought it was spot on. Local Democrats were furious that the headline had called Trump a savior. "To assign that title to Donald Trump is thoughtless and stupid," one resident wrote.
At the end of the Democratic National Convention a week later, local Democrats chastised us -- and rightfully so -- for running a photo of Bill Clinton with the story of Hillary Clinton's history-making night. Adding to that, the reference to her being the first woman ever to lead a major party in the race for the White House did not come until the inside jump page. Another caller said he had reviewed each newspaper from the previous two weeks and determined we had given better play to the Republican convention.

Scott: I stopped reading Letters to the Editor to this paper YEARS ago (remember, I have spent a LOT of time in Wilmington, since 1980, when my parents moved here), because even though most have above average grammar, they are written about the LEAST important aspects of things -- or are illogical (usually citing the Bible as the ultimate authority).

Does Letters to the Editor editor Scott Nunn choose only the most readable for a well-educated but Drug-and-Religion-addicted readership???
On Aug. 9, our work took on a more national feel when Trump held a rally at Trask Coliseum at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. We were excited as journalists and honored as residents that a presidential candidate was visiting us. We had four reporters in the media pool, another two reporting from the crowd, two more outside, and one at the airportWe had photographers at each location as well. Editors back at the office were getting those reports online immediately as they came in. In the following day's print newspaper, the coverage took up most of the front page as well as multiple pages inside the newspaper's A section.
Democrats immediately put us on notice. They wondered why they had bothered to buy the newspaper that day and said they expected the same level of coverage and space if Clinton comes to town.
Unfortunately, local Republicans put us on notice, too. Nearly 20 of the 50 or so phone calls I received were subscribers who gave me an earful and said they were canceling their subscription over the lead headline on the front page ("Trump Suggests Taking Up Arms Against Clinton: Calls for gun advocates to challenge court nominees").
If I had the headline to do over, we would have reduced the point size to include the word "seems," as in "Trump Seems to Suggest Taking Up Arms Against Clinton." The fact that Democrats thought the headline was perfect told me it wasn't.

What FORTHRIGHT -- confident of your RESEARCH -- language you use!!! Start the Star News Courage Certification Program -- and then have Donald Trump SELL it!!!
We are not pro one party or the other, and we spend considerable time making sure the stories we run are the top newsworthy stories. This election is particularly difficult for our industry because Trump often makes extreme comments that are news. A reader suggested the only reason we run those stories is to make Trump look bad. What would that reader think if he supported the other party? I'll tell you, because I get those calls, too. The other side thinks we don't report enough on the candidate's misspeaks.

"Misspeaks" -- what a total WHITE-WASH of Trump's truly meant words -- at least of that moment!!! No, only a CHRISTIAN would describe Trump's outbursts as merely "misspeaks" (lower-case, no less!!!).
Trump made a step Thursday evening toward apologizing for caustic comments made during the campaign. He's also finally agreed to use a teleprompter. As we all know, working off prepared words better ensures you don't stick your foot in your mouth or say something you don't mean.

What a GOD-HATE lie!!! 1. Apologies have to be SPECIFIC or they don't count. 2. Yes, reading a teleprompter mostly DOES keep people from sticking their "foots" in their mouth (unless the WRITTEN speech does this -- LOL!!!), but the MOST DAMNING LIE (comes straight from Lucifer!!!), is her idea that spontaneous speech is NOT FAR more likely to be honest than planned, penned remarks. And AGAIN claiming Trump didn't mean ALL of them in the moment, and -- actually -- he STILL hasn't apologized for a REAL, DESCRIBED thing.
“Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing,” Trump said at a rally at Charlotte's convention center. “I have done that. And believe it or not, I regret it. And I do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain.”
In more than 30 years in the news business, I've never witnessed a race this nasty. And others have been plenty nasty. I worry about the impact of the hate so easily displayed by the candidates and by the supporters on each side.
Last week, my 18-year-old son registered to vote. It was his gift to me before going off to college, even though he still says he has no intention of casting a ballot. The AP Government and Politics course he took as a high school senior gave him a closer look at the election than many others his age get. He's sickened by it all, and says he has no faith in either major party. I told him he has to vote, that it's the American thing to do. He said this race doesn't represent his America, and he's not taking part.

The attitude that Editor Sander has is PRECISELY what has dumbed down America so that Christians, their churches, etc. could profit from addicting our children to drugs. Additionally here in the South, particularly, it has fueled White Supremacy, too.
Pam Sander is executive editor of the StarNews. You may contact her to discuss coverage at

And I just found MY error -- I had an "S" on the end of her name. Pam Sander has worked for the Wilmington Star News under at least THREE OWNERS, and since 1994.

Here is her photo:

So Christian Fellas: Do you PREFER this REAL Ms. Sander -- or the generic one at top???

And here is her Linked-In profile 



Monday, August 22, 2016

RP: On a Day of Balanced Dosages of Sanity and Insanity, SOME Things Must Be Published for the Public Eye:

RE-PRINTED from here

1. I had a great meal with "My Klutz" at the Boundary House Restaurant in Calabash, North Carolina. We spent 2.5 hours talking while eating entrees with included sides, and drinking nearly a gallon of iced tea each. Nothing else, and we sat talking after all but the tea was removed for half that time.

Obviously, we got along very well, but it was also not a time of "immediate chemistry" -- but enough interest in each other to talk so long. At the moment, I wonder if chemistry can develop organically in the process of getting to know someone. I've always counted on the IMMEDIACY of chemistry, and maybe I should try a more "tortoise-like" approach, so we shall see where things go from here.

2. This morning I awoke to the thought that I know what would make Julia Boseman "just perfect". She's quite open about her past dive into alcoholism, and thank God she now has all that under control. But what struck me when she spoke yesterday, was her EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT that her child was not allowed to be "In-Church Christened" on a Sunday -- because of her then-known homosexuality, which the NAZI, Narco-Trafficking Wilmington Star News made certain all their Christian Drug-Nut Devils knew all about by ALWAYS referring to her as "gay Julia Boseman" -- and yet NEVER referred to any other Politician as say "STRAIGHT Sheriff Ed McMahon" (Ed is about the ONLY elected Politician in Wilmington that I am fairly certain is REALLY straight -- and I've never heard a scandal about him in the sexual arena).

I also noticed that Julia is fundamentally nervous about something, unlike her spouse, who seems ENTIRELY relaxed and comfortable in her skin.

Scott's intuitive diagnosis/cure: As long as Julia attaches significance to a Christian minister sprinkling water on a baby and speaking Mumbo-Jumbo, she will NEVER be able to use full logic. Not only does believing that Jesus is the "Son of God" break the First Commandment (which the Bible stole word-for-word from the much earlier Hammurabi's Code, but as ALL actual Bible scholars will tell you, Hammurabi stole it from earlier cultures, so the Ten Commandments is an INTER-CULTURAL bit of Human Wisdom honored by MANY religions that worshiped different gods).

Sadder, is that the Catholicism I grew up in -- and I found many Protestant religions believe this too -- is that ANYONE can perform a VALID BAPTISM, just by sprinkling (or dunking), and saying "I Baptize you in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit. Amen".

Catholics don't even believe you have to be a Catholic or Christian if you perform this Cult Act -- ensuring the child, if dying before even able to think much, will be SAVED from original sin.

MOST Christians actually think that was SEX, but if you READ the Bible, it was eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil -- which caused them to JUDGE others, which God reserves ONLY FOR ITSELF!!!

So if Julia believes in the Cult Power of sprinkling and mumbo-jumbo, she could have SAVED HER CHILD HERSELF, but instead she wanted the Christian Church she belonged to to accept her homosexuality, and that is NOT in the nature of Wilmington Christians with only a few exceptions (and AGAIN, if the Bible were ACTUALLY the "Word of God", there would only be ONE CHRISTIAN CHURCH -- but they all FIGHT over its meaning ALL THE TIME!!!).

As long as Julia -- or anyone else -- thinks that a great Prophet/Philosopher/Prince of Peace "Jesus of Nazareth" is an IDOL to worship, they are in serious danger of drug or alcohol abuse, (HELLO WILMINGTON CHRISTIANS -- our city FAR higher in per capita alcohol consumption than ANY other city or town in North Carolina -- and likely in DRUG ABUSE TOO, and it is due to "Christian hatred of God"), and a politician suffers such stresses, that if she broke once, she could easily break again -- hence her nervousness, but we ALL live and learn, AND Julia is a BETTER choice than all or nearly all of the others running for County Commissioner.

3. Julia might be surprised to know that absolutely EVERYONE I spoke with at her party AGREES that the worship of the Idol Jesus is the ROOT OF ALL CHRISTIAN EVILS, so I hope Julia catches up with her "camp" -- and relaxes and can be MORE EFFECTIVE!!!

>>> JUST NOW THE CIA/NSA (or just the Christian Drug Mafia)AGAIN closed my Chrome browser and ERASED half an hour's work of blogging. Earlier while blogging tonight, I had to FORCE Windows closed once to clear the hackers, after they made my computer completely FROZEN.

So don't tell me Christians EVER stop hating truth, honesty, or God, Itself!!!

And what BOTHERED them is the CRIMINAL CONNECTION of the Celia Family living downstairs in my building, which I will NOW re-write BOLDLY -- since I believe I have PROVEN some of their crimes in defrauding New Hanover County Social Services using a NON-EXISTENT identity!!! And they ALSO sell drugs as well as run a lot of prostitution.

Today I got a computer-generated letter from New Hanover County Social Services, and before opening it (which I did NOT do, but put it unmolested into Sam Celia's box), noticed it was addressed to "Feron Celia" -- research proving that Feron:

is a WARRIOR FOR EVIL from the so called "Dark Internet". -- TOTALLY popular with Christian Drug Traffickers in Wilmington and elsewhere.

Saant Celia -- who obviously burned out on LSD or other hallucinogens and has the mind of an about eight year old -- is the father who pays all the bills to the two apartments downstairs. His daughter is named "Loren Celia", and works for minimum wage at a local Hardy's fast food (aka "Carl's Jr."), and her boyfriend "Bird" -- real first name William -- had the other apartment below. Bird used to come up to my apartment -- always immaculately clean -- for oralization of his JOHNSON, but "salad-tossing" as well (and "plunging").

Great political graffiti I photographed recently in Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn -- which is ALSO who catered Julia Boseman's party!!!

Well, Bird and Loren moved out a few weeks ago, but recently, a neighbor woman told me that she was walking in front of my house and some guy pulled over and asked if SHE was "Feron Celia" -- clearly indicating that Feron is a PROSTITUTE!!!

So a LOT of drug-running and prostitution seems to be run by the Celia Family -- and also they might be DEFRAUDING the government of BENEFITS!!!

After I had typed that, the CIA shut me down and erased what I'd written.

4. My landlady, Gold Walker, and I were talking in front of my house this morning, and she's THRILLED -- as are ALL Wilmingtonians -- I've told so far (INCLUDING top lawyer Oliver Carter next door to the north -- who REALLY was enthused to hear this -- although I DOUBT his wife or mother-in-law will be happy AT ALL!!!), that I'll soon meet with County Commissioner Rob Zapple and other elected Democrats who are PATRIOTS and very aware of Mayor Saffo's and Police Chief Evangelous's Christian Drug Trafficking with, among others, the Saffo St. Nickolas Greek Orthodox Church, First Presbyterian, and First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), who are ALSO the biggest churches supporting the biggest Heroin Distribution SystemThe Good Shepherd Center

5. EVEN BETTER, was that the young woman next door who is a paid worker for Roy Cooper's Democratic Gubernatorial bid -- and whose 20-year-old boyfriend has DICK-TEASED me mercilessly (as I've recently blogged), overheard me telling Gold we will DESTROY the Christian Narco-Traffickers in the Democratic Party, including not just the ones mentioned, but Roy Cooper -- since as North Carolina's Attorney General since 2002, he has NEVER fought the Drug Mafia, and barely mentions this RAGING EPIDEMIC of Christian HELL in his campaign position site.

Roy Cooper on left with two of Wilmington's BIGGEST Christian Narco-Traffickers, Wes Taylor, and his boyfriend Ryan Lee Burris, currently the PROTECTED 3rd Vice Chair of our County Democrats.

When she HEARD this, Roy's paid worker started jumping up and down on the seat of her car she had just entered, and shook the THUMBS UP sign super ENTHUSIASTICALLY, so I NOW ALLOW her boyfriend to RESUME sexually teasing me!!!

6. I had HOPED to write the TOP EDITOR of the LYING Wilmington Star News tonight -- since she DID answer my sent-to-her CHALLENGE in the SUNDAY edition of the paper -- and it is CHOCK FULL OF LIES (does this PROVE she is a Christian???)



I'll get to that later.

7. Believe it or not, when I typed this first sentence, the CIA AGAIN shut down Chrome -- but only erased that first sentence:

Today, Shake and Darrell had Court in Judge Lindsey Luther's Court:

Judge Luther is an ELDER at Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacist First Presbyterian -- and this is what her husband Evan Luther has been publishing on the internet for CHRISTIANS to do!!!

ALSO, today I discovered that White Supremacist MAJOR Assistant District Attorney Alex Nicely (who both Robbie Trayhan and Michael "Jersey" Keogh claimed in 2011 - 12 PAID them for info on me -- google for TONS on all of that in this blog), not only was a CLOSE friend of Evan Luther and their Facebook comments to each other PROVED their collusion in secret meetings of White Supremacists, but NOW Alex has LEFT Ben David's employ, and NOW is a lawyer in the office of MY attorney, Bruce Mason -- a closet-case HOMO, if I ever MET ONE (and told him so at the time -- just ASK BRUCE)!!!

After a GENUINE BOMB SCARE which emptied the New Hanover County Court House today, Judge Luther gave Shake what seems a FAIR SENTENCE for his two remaining charges that had been continued, getting a year's probation and LOWER fines than he had expected, but CONTINUED Darrell's case for NO APPARENT REASON, it not yet being late and only a couple of people left in her Court.

Even NAZI Lindsey Luther can only TAKE SO MUCH IN A DAY, no???

8. So when I was in Calabash, the boys got home, and knowing NO DRUGS can be on premises -- and I only learned this tonight, but Shake in cleaning his room a few days ago (which I haven't done myself since before Philip Rosario moved IN and then OUT when I caught him splitting a pound of marijuana with some friends -- including the tile mason David who is TOTALLY CONNECTED to Wilmington City Council according to Phil -- and they ALSO smoked CRACK in my house and exchanged a HUGE roll of large bills).

Philip Rosario's Altar to his Roman Catholic self -- although Phil told me he never HEARD of the Advent Season before Christmas, he DID attend St. Mary's Catholic sometimes for Mass -- and claimed he had worked WITH Father Bob Kus (who ran St. Mark's Catholic when my mother's Duplicate Bridge Club was smuggling White People's money out after the fall of Apartheid -- because Mom told me it was SO UNFAIR to White people, and Father Bob was PART OF THAT.

This is one of the very FEW crimes Mom admitted to me. Dad was a TOTALLY DIFFERENT story!!!

As Readers all know, Phil Rosario is a dishwasher at the drug-front Betsy's Crepes restaurant on Front Street, and had told me many times how he is at the CENTER of narco-trafficking and running houses of prostitution for THIRTY YEARS NOW, with the blessings of Father Bob Kus and Sister Mary Issac Koenig.

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig

And of course Phil ALSO claimed to work with the ARAB/MUSLIM Mafia, headed by "Yah-Yah" of the Village Market and his brother Tony -- and when I told some of their relatives running OTHER convenience stores in town, they said YES --BUST those two for they give Muslims a CRIMINAL NAME!!!

Anyway, a few days ago, Shake found some CRACK EVIDENCE in his room, and knowing neither he nor Darrell EVER does that, flushed it down the toilet, and did NOT tell me, afraid I'd be upset, but given the importance of being clean, we THOROUGHLY cleaned up and even PULLED THE WHOLE RUG, finding MORE baggies with white powder residue, and even one with a "portion" in it, and since NO ONE cared to get the evidence I'd gotten off Phil before he moved out -- even though I sent the info with picture to Wilmington Police Chief, DA Ben David, and Mayor Saffo and City Council, I flushed that away, too.

ONE of several broken crack pipes I found in my house while Phil Rosario lived here.

9. And FINALLY, this is a matter I will turn over to Police and FBI Special Anti-Heroin Task Force, tomorrow, but the STRANGE Alex Guevara -- as blogged about halfway down here:, sent me a series of FOUR more emails today, RANTING against Homos, Jews, and writing that "niggers all need to be killed".

Because he ADMITTED beating up people who looked at him funny with brass knuckles -- and even gave their names and valid addresses near Red Cross Street -- I FEAR he is someone who if NOT already on local Law Enforcement WATCH LISTS, will be PRONTO after Law Enforcement gets all of this.

He seems the TYPE that everyone wonders if he is unhinged -- then he commits SERIAL MURDERS before anyone tries to STOP HIM, and everyone says, "It's just such a SHAME that all these nice NIGGERS, HOMOS, and/or JEWS were shot up, but in WILMINGTON, we know that this is what JESUS HAS COMMANDED US TO DO!!!

Ask the RICH KENANS, no???