Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ben David's Male Lover Reveals Himself to DEA!!!

STRANGE BUT TRUE: Last night, I ran into a man whom for simplicity sake I'll assign the name "Lee." On Front Street in Wilmington, NC. I had met him yesterday morning, as I walked to the Shell station on Third to buy a pack of cigarettes, and he then introduced himself as my boyfriend's good friend who had kindly gotten Robbie into AA. We discussed the importance of my keeping pressures on Robbie low to help him maintain his sobriety once Robbie got out of the hospital where his pancreas and something-or-other are being monitored until stabilized.

Later, I ran into District Attorney Benjamin david in a coffee shop and (as reported in yesterday's post) had a very pleasant, first-time-in-the-flesh meeting, which ended in the D.A. turning white as a ghost after I told him I was on the way to give the DEA my final -- or at least most comprehensive -- evidence so far. While waiting for the Federal building to open, "Lee" showed up again, as if he were suddenly stalking me -- although in the most pleasant and welcome way.

I did my deed (no, no -- not THAT one, delivering evidence. LOL!!!)

But before continuing, allow me to state two punch-lines and one common street expresion that illuminate what happened last night:

"What does it take to make a homosexual?"

#1: "Two heterosexuals." (logical biological answer)
#2: "One 6-pack." (practical advice for fun-loving guys)

The expression heard many times by all, including once by my from my brother Mike when, as an auditor for what is now SUNOCO INC, he called me in Key West when I was working for Tennessee Williams:

"Cocaine makes ya queer."

Well, this gentleman -- and I mean it in only the best sense -- named "Lee" was drunk as a skunk when I ran into him on Front Street last night. But hs was a most pleasant drunk -- WHAT A RELIEF!!! He asked me to sit with him and witness a phone call -- said he had someone in his life that was just like Robbie is in mine (took me a minute to wrap my mind around that though, as I felt certain Lee was straight).

Lee: "Hey! You got your gun there? Yeah? Pick it up, count to five, and then shoot yourself in the head."
What, I wondered? What on earth -- must be some kind of joke.
Lee: "One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . OK, you have no balls at all!!!" Lee hung up.

In consternation, I listened to the surreal Middle-Eastern fusion music piped in from above, as we continued to sit in the chairs across the street from The Eat Spot. We did not say a word, until I put out my smoke:

Scott: "Lee, I hope you get back on your program soon. I'm sort of surprised to see you like this after all the help you've been getting Robbie sober. I'll see you soon . . ."

After walking away, I realized that Lee had wanted me to know that Ben David was his lover, and so many things then fell into place: How Robbie had so easily talked with Ben David a few days ago, which had caused his last and final back-slide into drinking (it had been on -- presumably -- Lee's phone while down at The Pavilion on the river). I even wondered if Ben had ever had sexo with Robbie (I shudder to think -- in fact I refuse to -- but that said, Ben is HOT AS HELL, if you ask my humble opinion).


Cyber-General Scott D. Kenan
House O' David.

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